Spooky and Fast Eddie

Pomeranian and African Sulcata Tortoise



  1. Fast Eddie came with that name and he lives up to it. That Guy has an amazing personality. He personifies the character in the “Tortoise and the Hare”. No joke, one day I left the gate to his pen open and he made a bee-line towards the neighbor’s property. I had to drive the truck to get him and luckily my neighbor, Pat was there to help me lift him into the bed of the truck. I would have had a hard time pushing the wheelbarrow a 1/2 mile through the sand, especially with his 80 pound butt in it…..
    Another time, he made an opening through the fence and was missing for four days!!!! That is another story…..

  2. Hello! I ran across your website while doing some research on the Sulcata tortoise. I have been really interested in one for a long time but all the research I do all the contradicts itself. Some say they are great pets others say that they are too much of a handful for regular pet owners. I saw that you had Fast Eddie and couldn’t help but ask your opinion. I live in North Carolina so maintaining the temperature is my biggest concern that I know of.

    Any info you can share would be appreciated.

    • Hi Dakota,
      I sent you an e-mail, I just want to make sure you are aware of the web-site: http://sulcata-station.org
      Their information is broad and accurate. You can also trust the support of my friend Bruce about the Tortoises. His web-site is http://natureapproved@yahoo.com

      It is stressful for the African Tortoises when it gets cold, especially cold and wet. Fast Eddie’s house flooded on a cold rainy day, this past winter and he was just sitting in his igloo waiting for me to rescue him. I got a wheel barrow, tipped it and shoved him in and took him into the garage to a bed of fresh hay and feed sacks tucked into his igloo house. They dig down into the ground to keep warm and also to cool off in the summer. Our guy Fast Eddie grazes on the coastal bermuda grass in his large pen. He does try to escape in the Spring, so securing the pen as they grow larger and stronger is a factor, also. He was gone for four days once! The pastures were full of tall grass and I did not think we would ever see him again! Some workers found him about a mile from home. He is worth the trouble, he is beautiful, funny and full of personality, but our cold days are minimal here in South Texas.THAT is when it can be a handful!

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