Watercolor Pug

Cookie is the cutest Pug that I have ever known. Her personality and cute little size makes it hard not to just want to hug her. She has a lot of competition for “Cutest Pug” in the family. I need to go through the archives, before digital files and share some awesome Pug pictures!



  1. is this the same pug in the picture you painted of the one lady? thats really vague, but i think its hanging in the spare bedroom, im not entirely sure but i know it has like an orange hue to it. either way, i loooove that painting (:

    ohhhh and im not entirely sure on how to use this site, like i dont know if you got my reply to the comment you left me on the page sooo here it is

    “haha yeah, i wanted a blog site that was farrrrr from myspace (: so i guess i found what i wanted (: and i dont suppose that there is a friend list that you can add friends too?”

  2. See, I hope you get this comment, but i think you have o look for it.
    Blogroll is good for adding your friend’s sites

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