Eddie’s Missing !!!!!

It was last Spring. Our 80 pound African Sulcata Tortoise had found a weak place in his pen and had escaped. Being the start of the mating season, our guess is that he was in search for another large tortoise. The closest ones I knew about were at Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard which was noContinue reading “Eddie’s Missing !!!!!”

Our Life With Goats

Just for fun, I have three stories about our experiences with goats the last several years. Only two of these stories are completely true, the other story is totally made up. See if you can pick out the made up story……A,B or C A. One Christmas day we came home from celebrating with family inContinue reading “Our Life With Goats”

American Kestrals

The first time we noticed an American Kestral, Tom and I were on our run down the road and we saw a little Falcon hovering in mid air with out seeming to move at all. Several times since then we see them perched at the top of a tree or doing flips and diving downContinue reading “American Kestrals”

Portrait of a La Paloma Ranch Cow

My friend, Janie and I met at Starbuck’s yesterday. Wow, she looks great! I think she is even prettier than she was when our sons, Christopher and Mark were best friends in primary school. I had not seen her in so long, but ran into her last week when I was in San Antonio. HerContinue reading “Portrait of a La Paloma Ranch Cow”