Our Life With Goats

Just for fun, I have three stories about our experiences with goats the last several years. Only two of these stories are completely true, the other story is totally made up. See if you can pick out the made up story……A,B or C
A. One Christmas day we came home from celebrating with family in San Antonio and found our five goats inside the house, one was standing on the kitchen counter and the others were eating the Christmas tree. Our son Christopher happily cleaned it all up with the help of his friend, Amy and never complained about the smell that lingered through the New Year.
B. One Spring break, we went on a snowboarding trip to Colorado and this was our first time away for more than one night, since our move to the ranch. We had neighbors feeding all the animals while we were gone, but apparently, the goats missed us more than I thought. When I went for my morning run the next day, I had all five goats jogging down the road with me. I thought they would turn around at the gate, but they were still huffing along after a mile. They weren’t in the best of shape and they were breathing pretty hard, so I turned around and walked them home. They were not going to let me leave again without them. Later when we tried to drive into town, they surrounded the truck and would not let us leave until were eventually able to lure them away with food.
C. One morning I was writing an e-mail to a photography client who had refused to pay me, I was venting and had no intentions of sending it, it just made me feel better to let my feelings out. Not really crude, just a little ruder than I wanted it to be. I left the room and forgot about it, when I thought about it later, I came back to make sure I deleted the draft. I freaked out to see one of the goats had gotten into house and was up on the table next to the computer. I yelled at him and he jumped down, but first he hit the mouse and the e-mail was sent…..I got paid in kind of a snotty way, but I still feel bad about it….
I hope you can wait until tomorrow to find out which of these three stories are true…..



  1. I will let you know tomorrow, I need to go get one of them off the hood of my truck, so that I can go to town….

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