Another Kodak Moment

Only this time, it was a Canon Rebel XT. So many bulls, so little time to find Tom and try to change his mind about his first bull ride. I  figured he would pick the black and white one that looked like our horse, Sarita, but this was no Missouri Fox Trotter. A cowboy saw my distress and took it upon himself to reassure me. “They jest look bad ass, but I rid me a heifer, them kin be ranker thin any a them bulls. Heck, it’s a whole bunch safer thin gettin’ on a arroplane.” Gr8 I thought, now go away.  I stopped listening as he whistled a bad rendition of By The Time I Git To Phoenix through his missing teeth and edged my way closer to the barricade to try to hear what the announcer was saying. There was a break before the next contestant. I found a space in the crowd and edged through an opening where I could at least see a backlit view of the corral. “Get ready,  this could be the luckiest ride of the day.” The whooping and hollering started for the green horn taking his first ride with a borrowed Stetson and chaps to boot. That couldn’t be Tom. He would be wearing a helmet. Still, in the shadows of the bucking chute, I wasn’t completely sure. The crowd was so loud, I couldn’t even hear the name and where he was from……

Published by Dana Spring Parish

wife, mother, runner, artist, animal lover,photographer, art teacher

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