Como Agua Para Chocolate

Aguafiestas!!! I said to Tom, which means stick in the mud. Come on and just let me get one picture of you with this guy. “Tator Tot” was Bingo’s buddy and he was taking an afternoon siesta. I had picked Bingo for my steed because he was a pretty color and I liked the name, but Tator Tot was a nice name, too. We were laughing and talking in our version of Spanish that was a foreign tongue to the natives passing by. Forget it, Woman, I’m going to ride me one of them buckin’ bulls” he claimed switching to a Texas twang. Whoa, Cowboy, just because I made it look so easy riding these guys, don’t go and get yourself in agua caliente riding one of those bulls. Besides I had a saddle, unlike the bucking bulls who had names like Firecracker and Widowmaker. I guess I took too much time saying good-bye to my Longhorn friends, because when I looked up, Tom was gone! He was last seen wearing a Hawaiian shirt, shorts with a fanny pack……



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