Is This My Crazy Sexy Cowboy ?

I needed my 300mm lense but all I had was a little zoom. I could see the outline of a black and white bull and a fit looking Cowboy getting ready to mount. When the chute finally opened the sun was in my eyes, but I could tell that this bull was a tough draw for a first timer. Could Tom  have learned how to ride like this on Sarita? Well, maybe, but our ponies wouldn’t buck to save their life. Pasture ornaments don’t have quite the same motivation as these champions for the Chiropractic profession.

 Well all good things must come to an end, even if it only lasts 8 seconds. Soon I would know for sure if my crazy sexy husband had learned to sit a buck. I kind of hoped it was true. I knew of a few rank unbroke, surly, rescue horses that needed to be placed into a “good home only” and I had found the man for the job.

Published by Dana Spring Parish

wife, mother, runner, artist, animal lover,photographer, art teacher

3 thoughts on “Is This My Crazy Sexy Cowboy ?

  1. Yesbut you were born to be a photographer.Yesbut your avatar gives a whole new meaning to the word photogenesis. Yesbut we owned a camera store named Photogenesis.

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