Ski Texas !

Too sexy for the snow in Colorado, it is time to come back to Texas! Where else can you ski 365 days a year and still have the best brisket taco?  Bearfire is set to open in the fall of 2009 in Ft. Worth,Texas. If you lack imagination, checkout the skiing method that involves jeansContinue reading “Ski Texas !”

Cattle Drive In Downtown San Antonio

We bid farewell to the Alamo and the streets of San Antonio, but not before I hugged Bingo and Tator Tot, my Longhorn buddies.  I did find Tom and you would not believe where he had been the whole time I thought I had him in the viewfinder!

Hit The Ground Running

I never did get a look at the bull riders face. I missed the final buck that landed him on his feet like a cat. That feat was within the realm of Tom’s abilities. He was a pole vaulter and State Champion basketball star in high school. He still rides, runs and does Pilates likeContinue reading “Hit The Ground Running”