We have adopted a parrot with a limited, but loud vocabulary. “But he says Christopher” Peggy said during one of her weekly brainwashing sermons when she tried to convince me to take Bruno.”I would hate for you to miss out and all since your son is named Christopher” she added. So if I didn’t take a bird that had already learned a wake up call, it was almost a waste of all that training. Her son is also named Christopher  and he is Peyton’s best friend. Bruno is about 12 years old. In addition to his ability to wake the dead, he also bites…. HARD. Before Bruno, I had been thinking that I might someday, possibly want a parrot that was hand fed, lovable and cute, but I also wanted a Hippopotamus for Christmas.” Here Kitty” He surprised me one morning and then laughed at the dogs. Then he said “Critterpher,Critterpher” for the first time, in a sweet soft voice. That was when I realized, he sounded like Tom!!! Bruno wasn’t trying to say Christopher! He really did mean critter fur! I looked around and agreed. It was time to run the vacuum again.

This was taken at the San Antonio Zoo with Bruno’s DISTANT relatives


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