Too late to call 911. Too late for a vet to get here in time.What we needed was the “Tincredibles” soon to be syndicated by Marvel. Our twin paramedics can handle anything. But even this dynamic duo  might not be able to get here in time, so Peyton had to try to put to use his medical training of the last few days. When we drove up to the ranch, the horses and ponies were freaking out. Always a clue that something is up. Even chubby little Mini Mac was snorting and running with the herd. Usually it’s just something harmless like an Emu or a Buffalo  that they have spotted for the first time. This time it was a tiny hoof……Libby our sheep that looks like a geep (goat/sheep)was giving birth to her first lamb and it looked like she might be in trouble….

Fortunately, nature took it’s course without human intervention and we had a healthy bouncing baby lamb!!!!!!


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