B-I-N-G-O and Bingo was his name O……

I found a way to raise funds for our proposed ski slope endeavor. Apparently, Texas is not known for their ski rental facilities, yet, but we are known for our Longhorns. I am embarrassed to say that I paid five bucks, the price of a margarita to ride Bingo, a Longhorn who luckily was stout enough to carry 220 pounds. (the sign said so). We got off cheap though, if we had not been sporting our own disposable cameras, it would have cost us $15.00 for 8 seconds of glory. Five bucks gave us a choice of posing astride Bingo or his friend Tator Tot with endless opportunities to shoot  images destined to be cherished family heirlooms.

Back to the fundraising …”Bobby Twister” actually “bought the farm” so to speak, his ability to jump over a car was a big deal. He paid for his owner’s future just by being semi-cute. Bingo is way cuter. Tom knows that when I fall in love it is a forever thing…..Bingo could just be the lift ticket to our future ……


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