I see dead bugs

Hand feeding a snake is something we will probably not be doing anytime soon……yes, but if he was starving? Nobody goes hungry around this place. We have a chubby little family of sun spiders that we see on our way down the road. “Your fly is down”  I laughed, as we tossed him a grasshopper. He zipped it up in no time. Their webs have an intricate zipper design that caught our attention when we first started looking at this place for a future home. We are not bonded to any black widow spiders and brown recluse, but try to avoid housework, so as not to disturb the cobwebs in the corners, in case we ruin a work of art. There is one web in the studio that says “Some Pig”.



  1. Not a big fan of spiders, there are many of these “zipper” spiders in my pasture and I’ve come to name a few of them near the house and water trough. Great shot!

  2. We love to watch them wrap up their bugs to hold them and feed their babies.

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