Ipod For My Horse, Of-Course

“He wants his OWN radio” she claimed. Wow ! He said that? He was a horse. I thought you had to put peanut butter on their tongue to make them do that. “No, I am communicating with his soul” she scoffed at me. She had accompanied her cousin to look at a mini horse we were selling for a friend. “He also wants his name changed to Alejandro” she added. Apparently our mini Mr. Ed was an Andalusian in a prior life. “He says that your pig stinks and your choice of music is giving him colic”. Now I was feeling insulted. She enlightened me further ” He says you have too many animals” I became impressed. He can count! I had even forgotten how many we had. They left to think it over before committing to purchasing an animal that would require hours and hours of therapy. It’s just as well. He ended up finding a wonderful home right here with us. We did switch the radio to the spanish station and he seems to love El Poder Del Norte and so do I. My spanish is improving and I am getting used to the name Alejandro. No big deal, but the pig stays!


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