Later, Alligator

After wrestling alligators and octopus and other creatures in our inflatable sea world, we were ready to plan our trip to the beach. The horses were prepared to greet the Lochness monster if need be. A member of the Flying Farmer’s of America had kindly buzzed by in his helicopter during one phase of our bomb proofing session, so we were good to go….We decided to ride the horses up to our neighbor’s pool where we had the place to ourselves for the summer. We got the sheep and goats secured for the night, grabbed our backpacks and a six pack and headed over to grill some shrimp and plan our coast trip. The dogs ran ahead of us chasing rabbits and each other while

the horses pricked their ears in anticipation. They always look forward to mowing the grass while we work on erasing our farmer tan lines.  “What is that smell?” Tom turned around in the saddle and made a face. Everything had been pristine the last time we were there. The dogs ran up ahead, running in circles around the pool. Francie and Sarita were snorting and ready to bolt. We could see splashing and some bizarre noise coming from the water and that was when I realized that we needed to spend another session bomb proofing before our trip to the beach……


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