In The Words Of The Veggie Tales

Larry the Cucmber says:

Everybody’s got a water buffalo

Yours is fast but mine is slow

O where do you get them I don’t know

But everybody’s got a water buffalo

Not everybody has a water buffalo, Archie says,  but

We did have a water beefalo…….

My beefalo jumped into the pool

The chlorine made him start to drool

The water slowly turned to brown

I’m just so glad she didn’t drown.

She belonged to our neighbor. Her mama was a Longhorn and her daddy was a buffalo that had jumped the fence on the ranch where she lived before. I guess she got her athletic ability from him. I thought he was kidding when I heard this story from her owner, Pat, but I found out that this is a popular cross. The meat has less cholesterol,less saturated fat,less total fat and fewer calories. I also read that unlike cattle, they sweat. No wonder she wanted to take a dip in the pool to cool off. “Take a picture” Tom said. Then I remembered another bit of info about her. She is MEAN! We called off the dogs as she ambled out and backed away to hop on our horses and grab our cell phone to call the pool cleaning crew. We closed the gate where she had gotten in before the whole herd joined her. 




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