Party Crashers

My friend K called me yesterday to tell me that she wasn’t invited to Delbert’s party tonight. Should we drive by and slash the birthday boy’s tires? Great idea, he shouldn’t be driving anyway. I knew the food would be awesome, we could call and ask if we could bring home a doggy bag. “We could wear costumes” K suggested. They probably already had a magician and a belly dancer. Delbert goes all out every year. “You could be Noah” K was brightening at the thought of joining in the party. I liked that idea. She agreed to help me decorate the ark and I got the animals ready to load. Two by two into the living room we would go and leave our presents behind. She will not be forgotten next year.



  1. I want to go too! I will start getting my costume ready. Do you have some sidewalk chalk so that we can leave him a birthday greeting?

  2. Got chalk and plenty of fertilizer for the yard. Just watch where you step, it’s still fresh.

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