Here’s Your Shirt

It was time for the Saturday Night Covered Dish Social at the church hall. I thawed some mac & cheese and decided to call my Mom. Tom was tired of my over active imagination and I don’t blame him. “Are you listening to me?” My Mom’s voice eased me out of my horrid thoughts.”I know you are worried about your goat” I had told her that I had not heard from the woman who was supposed to breed her and bring her home and that since she wasn’t returning my calls, I planned to meet up with her at the church where I knew she was going to be tonight.”I know what you should REALLY be worried about?” my Mom said seriously. I couldn’t think of anything more horrid than walking into the church and seeing my pet served on a platter….”Remember the last time you were at that church? ” Her memory is much sharper than mine and rather than nag and tell me I told you so, she just jarred my memory by saying “Be sure to wear THE shirt!!!!”

She was right, as usual!!!! The last time I was there I had somehow signed up to make cup cakes for the choir, babysit the toddlers during the 7 am service, makes doilies and pot holders for the nursing home and plant a flower garden at the front entrance. This was only on the week-ends…..I went up to my tidy and organized closet to find my shirt. I walked into the hall proudly wearing the statement pleading:

                                                      STOP ME BEFORE I VOLUNTEER AGAIN


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