Saturday Night Social Club

Let’s Go!!!! Mamacita had been so excited the day we took her to meet her mate. Probably because her food was in the back seat, but anyway we had no problem getting her into her little pen and loading her up for an air-conditioned limo ride to her luna miel. Miss Piggy ran after us. “Where are you going with all that sweet feed?” “I want to go, too!” She squealed. It is hard being an only pig. Maybe we could find her a boyfriend, too. Did I say that out loud? Guess so. Tom gave me the look……one pig was enough. If you look closely at the photo, you can see that she is badly in need of a pedicure and so far no one was willing to give it a try.

The first several weeks, we were able to talk to Mrs. Ladrona. She told us that she was not sure if Mamacita was bred or not. During our last conversation she told us that  her billy goat, Peligro was shy and they were still getting to know each other. How sweet, I  thought. That was a month ago and she was not returning my calls. I used to see her in the grocery store and the post office. We would see her in church. “Let’s drive by her house and see if we can catch her at home” Tom suggested. The gate had been open the day that we dropped Mamacita off but this time there was a lock and chain. I didn’t see anyone around and didn’t think we should trespass so we left.  We decided to stop by the Gossip N Go on our way home and talk to Jolie known locally as La Prensa and see if she could tell us anything about Mrs. Ladrona. We learned that her caretaker, Soy Matadero had left and she was in the middle of building a cement pond all by herself. Her church and Garden Club activities were also keeping her busy. She was in charge of the Covered Dish Social at the church hall held every Saturday night. We decided that this would be our  best opportunity to get an up date on our little chivasita.


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