Gangsters And Thugs

Tom and I talked about the most sensible way to get our goat back safe and sound. We knew we needed help. This nut case that had stolen our goat was just wacky enough to be dangerous. But did we really need to involve the sheriff?  We have encountered a fair amount of drama in our quiet little community through the last decade since we moved here. The sheriff had his hands full with bigger cases. The most recent and certainly the most  memorable to us, was the time that Peyton and I arrived home from school  to see flashing lights and a barricade with several deputy vehicles surrounding our house and barn.  Sheriff Tate was waving us over to the side of the road. “Don’t go up to the house without a deputy ahead of you” He advised. The sheriff’s office had received a call reporting  a crazed looking person driving erratically. He was also reported to be knocking on doors and asking if they needed their door knobs polished or something only a crack head could think of. The license plate was traced to a man who was on parole for a string of thefts in the area. A deputy arrived at the registered address to discover the suspect  unloading stacks of DVD players, HD TV’s and women’s lingerie from a flatbed trailer. A meth lab operation was discovered inside the residence with two other industrious thugs hard at work. Thug #1 drove off through the wooded field behind the property with a deputy in hot pursuit. He made it to the fence line that adjoins our property before his low rider got stuck in the sand. He was able to flee on foot and that was just about the time that Peyton and I had arrived home to find several deputies searching behind every  tree and fence post. We waited in the truck while they searched the attic and every inch of the house and barn. In the mean time the other two crack pots had been apprehended and arrested. Thug #1 was still on the loose and last seen in the field behind our barn. The hay loft would be the perfect place to lurk until night fall. Sheriff Tate and his deputies stayed until they felt confidant that he had left the area, but looking towards the dense woods, I knew that down the road with the dogs in tow, to Grandmother’s house we’d go!


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