Psychodelic Summer

My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, Placebo, Saosin…..all these bands and more were there. I walked onto the field in front of the stage and plopped down on my $35.00 seat on the grass, while I kept an eye on the kid in front of me that brought me to this event. The lyrics were interesting “I feel like I just swallowed half my stash…..” Not a bad beat. I might even buy that one on iTunes. I brought my sketch book and concentrated on the group in front of me. A pencil could not capture the rainbow of hair colors and tatoos or the creativity of body piercings, so I made mental notes for a future contemporary abstract impressionistic fauvist painting. I scanned the crowd to see if there was any one in my age group. I was feeling like a hologram. I smiled at a hippy couple wearing tie dyed t shirts, love beads and Yoko Ono specs. My view of the stage was blocked by a florescent shock of pink, purple and green spiked hair. There was a young boy attached to the hair. The hippies sat down next to me……birds of a feather. I was out of place in my Horses Rule t shirt with jeans and a baseball cap, but there was instant karma. We introduced ourselves. Their son, Ivan would be my screen saver for the next three hours. It was not until he turned to say something to his parents, Ozzy and Harriet that I saw a window of opportunity in his ear lobe through which I was able to catch a glimpse of the stage. I didn’t mean to stare, thinking he was born like this, I could not imagine why someone would choose to look like a pseudo-African tribesman. I later learned that this was a chosen work of art. He was obviously, impressed by Van Gogh, I thought sympathetically. “The boy’s been havin’ trouble gettin’ employment” his dad informed me. “He applied at (insert loser job here) and they flat turned him down” I nodded  in understanding. We said good bye and I wished him luck. I couldn’t wait to start a new painting that was inspired that day and retouch the new grey hairs that had sprouted that same afternoon. A few pink streaks and I would be feeling groovy.


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