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Here he is……the most amazing Welsh Mountain Dream Pony in the universe…Yes, a new breed. Why Not? Welsh Mountain Dream Pony Registry! I found him and his family on the internet. I had actually seen this stud muffin cleaning up the ribbons at several horse shows, but I picked my foal and brought him home without doubting whether or not he would be an incredible addition to our family. The sire is” Liddle Duke Of Hazzard” The stamp he puts on his foals is unmistakable. Everything from the puppy dog personality to the crazy sexy face is all Duke!



  1. I KNOW IT!!!!! I just went outside and took a few. let’s see how they turn out!!!

  2. Hailey turned 1 year old on April 11th. She looks so grown up in these pictures. I will post one of her next to Sarita who is 14 hands. I should have measured her on the concrete floor in the wash room last week when she had her hooves trimmed….she was an angel by the way!!!

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