Texas Ski Resort


Bearfire Resorts scheduled to open in the fall of 2009 has inspired us to plan a similar resort here. Our plans encompass a slightly smaller scale than the 527 acres in Fort Worth, Texas. The 22 story mountain of steel and concrete, because it is a structure, will be ranked as one of the largest buildings on the face of the earth. Mountain side cafes and bars, a 600 room hotel resembling  an alpine village as well as 50,000 square feet of retail space will add to the attraction of Bearfire. We are thinking more along the lines of sleeping bags on the screen porch. Sure, we are just dreaming, but just like everything else in Texas….we dream BIG. Located just 30 minutes south  of downtown San Antonio, our resort will have added attractions including sleigh rides pulled by our famous Longhorn steers. A petting zoo with penguins and pomeranians will attract families that have no intentions of skiing. Our mini Matterhorn may be more bare than Bearfire, but located just minutes from Floresville, the peanut capitol of the world, our Rockin’ P Ranch get away may just put Fairview, Texas on the map.


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