She Said He Said


Jennifer Marimacho

Jennifer Marimacho

“You look reptilian with that green eye shadow” Kay laughed, then she pushed me down the steps to the gym and I twisted my ankle. Both hurt but both were accidents. The comment about my make up was blurted out as an honest opinion and the push was just a way of speeding me up, so we wouldn’t be late to class. We were freshman in high school and she was my best friend. I got out of gym class for a week, so I watched Kay do her jumping jacks while I sat on the bench and put on purple eye shadow and white lipstick. This was fun until the 3rd day when our classmate,  Jennifer (her real name) joined me on the bench, opting out of the work out because of a really big pimple on her nose. She really did suffer, as attested by her nasal voice, but not near as much as those around her. She is best remembered by her unique ability to recall any and every negative comment that was ever said about someone behind their back and repeat it to the person that it was directed towards. Amazing…..and annoying. Well, Jenny,I gotta tell you that Donavan told me  the song “Jennifer, Juniper” was not written about you, like you thought. Such a lame song, it could be about you after all.


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  1. I went to school with a girl like that……Everyone thought she was a man, I think she is, now….

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