Baby Blue By Dana Parish

This is an oil painting that I am working on. It is on canvas. The original is 8×10 inches.

Julian Onderdonk is coming to the Witte Museum in San Antonio, September 18, 2008. Not Julian himself, but his wonderful Texas landscapes will be there and so will I. I may get arrested for drooling on them, but hey, I have friends in low places that will bail me out. He has inspired me to paint in his incomparable impressionistic way, as Andrew and Jamie Wyeth continue to inspire me to paint detail and honest realism.

Bluebonnets inspired by Julian Onderdonk

oil painting on canvas by Dana Parish



  1. Sure, I will get you one. Glad you like it.I am working on another painting with bluebonnets that you will like, I think…..

  2. Ms Parish i am looking at your work beautiful i would love to have a painting with a momma, poppa, and baby longhorn nestled in a field of bluebonnets have you seen anything like this thank you

  3. I will accept payments on any painting that you would like to have. My Longhorns are my favorite subjects to paint.
    Thank you for your interest,
    Dana Spring Parish

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