Fancy Seeing You Here !!!!


Bingo & Me

Bingo & Me

Good news, bad news……the good news is that I saw my Longhorn  buddies Bingo and Tator Tot at the P-Nut festival in Floresville. These little angels shared my snow cone and gave me an awesome ride down to the courthouse to see the giant peanut. The bad news is that Bingo is for sale and I want that guy !!!!! The first thing I will do is take the ring out of his nose and ride him home….I think that ring might be the reason that he is so laid back, not sure but I will find out soon.


The first time I met Bingo

The first time I met Bingo

This was our first encounter at the Houston Street Fair in San Antonio. It was love at first sight for me and I really think that Bingo remembered me when I saw him in Floresville at the Peanut Festival.



  1. Really liked your view of the festival! Now I would like to meet Bingo in person!

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