A river full of ducks and streets full of horses


The Alamo

The Alamo

So we leave the ranch and the critters behind and set off to the big city of San Antonio to take some photos to inspire our creativity and what do we see? Mallards and Muscovy ducks swimming in the San Antonio river eating nachos and gorditas that the tourists sitting outside the restaurants are tossing to them. So this is where all our ducks went. All we had to offer them at home was organic grain and fresh pond water, no wonder they chose to leave the stress of catching grasshoppers and stealing food from the cats. I just wonder about their clogged arteries and cholesterol levels after all the french fries and hamburgers they have for their steady diet. 



Feed the ducks

Feed the ducks

Next we see big beautiful carriage horses prancing past the Alamo with their manes and tails braided and their coats shining with the glow of good health and exercise.


Wanna ride to the Alamo?

Wanna ride to the Alamo?

It was worth the trip to see the horses. It was so strange not to have a cloud of dust when we gave them a pat on the rump…….time to go home and groom our grungy little ponies and saddle them up to check the fence-line and herd the sheep and goats into their pens for the night. A flock of Mallards landed in the pasture just in time to have a treat before they nested in the barn for the night…..Wait, I think I might have something special for you guys!!!! Yep, half of a guacamole chalupa and a few bites of a quesadilla in the truck to share with Miss Piggy. Look, I found a few tator tots left over from Sonic! Gotta keep ’em fat and happy! Buenas noches, mis animales preciosos……



  1. Si!!!! I want to ride to the Alamo & then flywith the ducks to the River Walk!!!!!

  2. Miss Piggy wants her picture & autobiography on this blog RIGHT AWAY!!!!!!!

  3. Well, Don’t you want to finish your Shipley do-nuts that have to be hand fed to keep the goats from stealing them from you, or would you prefer to be inside with us, narrating the whole thing, nevermind, I know the answer to that…..

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