I’m Dreaming Of A Burn’t Orange Christmas

Last year the stockings were stuffed with John Deere green. “What did you do, go to Tractor Supply and buy out the store?” asked RCP our son and one of the recipients of the John Deere socks,hat,underwear,coffee mug,gloves and calendar. Well yes, it sounded like a good idea at the time. This year, not to give too much away, in case my boys are reading this, but I have decided to do my shopping at the new University CO-OP store conveniently located at the Quarry Market in San Antonio. My truck practically drives itself when I get close to the huge orange building stocked with everything from jewelry to flip flops, all adorned with the trademark Longhorn logo. I need a poster or a T-shirt that says “Stop me before I paint the barn orange” No fear of that, but I am sleeping on a stuffed  Longhorn for a pillow and dreaming of filling the pasture with some live Longhorn cattle for Christmas! 


Longhorn-Oil Painting On Panel

Longhorn-Oil Painting On Panel


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  1. I know I’ve painted this same cow before, but there is something about that face and I love looking at her.

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