You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby!

I was running at the park in Floresville today, watching the kids play on the swings and slides. Several  little families were coming to enjoy the awesome weather. One older couple pushing a large stroller started making their way towards a picnic table stopping several times along the way to tuck a pink blanket around the little ones face and make sure her legs were covered. My first impression was that they had a special needs child and my second thought was that I would love to take a ride on that limo. They were followed by a group carrying baskets and balloons  and when they made it to their spot, they started feeding their little passenger with a spoon, talking to her and telling her to take one more bite.I could barely see her little face, but her eyes were smiling! I wanted to walk over there so bad, just to touch her face and hands and ask them how old she was and tell her how beautiful she was. I know they would have thought I was a weirdo but it would not have been the first time I had been accused of that. It reminded me of when I was pregnant and suddenly the world was full of babies. Now my world is full of memories and hopes that the wisdom will come with the age that has already come!  I waved and left just as they were pushing their precious cargo over so that she could read  a huge banner that said: 




  1. They were pushing her in a chair with small wheels, not a stroller or wheel chair. It looked like it was made out of metal. it was painted white. Really cool.

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