Happy Holidaze

I know it’s crazy, but sometimes I do not realize how many pets I have until they  make their appearance known, whether it’s because the weather  has suddenly turned damp and cold or tonight for example, it was because they all saw wrapping paper and boxes being taken outside and they were getting the same sweet feed without even any sugar cookie crumbles thrown in.

Not So Silent Night

Not So Silent Night

 Too busy to notice, it finally came to my attention tonight in an alarming fashion!. My head honcho, alias Pony Boy was rolling and faking colic as a means to get into the yard to get extra treats or a leftover slice of pumpkin pie from Grandmother. Miss Piggy was happily gorging on German Chocolate cake, the Cara Caras were eating turkey and ham, the dogs had their stockings to munch on, but one kitty was stuck up on the highest tree, begging for sympathy and an extra salmon cake. The goats are looking forward to eating the Christmas tree. Hopefully we will get all the ornaments and lights off before they chow down.



  1. I am so glad that Miss Piggy made it on your Christmas card! She’s my favorite, of course!!!!!

  2. This is the most amazing collection of animals. Are they all pets? Do they eat each other?

  3. Yes, Miss Piggy is special! She thinks the others should be eaten…….

  4. Miss Piggy WAS on last year’s Xmas Card! Chesked it out & saw it! LOL

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