The Road Goes On Forever, but The Fun Never Ends

Living in the middle of nowhere has it’s ups and downs, but never a dull moment for someone who loves being able to see something different every day. On the way to school with Peyton this week, I saw a beautiful pheasant just walking beside the road. The next day I spotted a “Zorse” (half zebra, half horse) in a field of Longhorns. No telling how long he has been there before I noticed his stripes. I have passed by every school day for the past 11 years. The more I learn about birds, the more different species I see in my own yard and along the way into town. In the  last few years, I have seen  several American Kestrals hovering and doing their acrobatics over the open fields, Red-winged black Birds on the fence next to a flooded pasture, a Vermillion Fly catcher on the back porch and an Eastern Bluebird looking into a hole in a fence post in front of the house. No telling how many I miss when I am sitting inside at the computer or reading about them in a book. Tom and I spot the same Red Tailed Hawks in their same familiar places and the Cara Caras are always around. I have brought home a few new pets that have freaked the horses out, but we have had several critters just show up out of the woods.  One day two huge Emus were walking back and forth in the front pasture, enjoying a shower under the irrigation pipes. The horses never did get used to them. Three of our cats came from the wooded area next to the barn and  have become the sweetest pets. Two young Barbado rams appeared one morning and were gone the next. One afternoon, Tom and I got home around the same time. “Where did THEY come from” Tom  asked as he gave me the look…..There were two adorable miniature goats standing next to the garage looking totally at home. “Can we stay?” They seemed to ask. Why not? The more the merrier. I’m just glad that these two Longhorns followed me home the other day. We are going to have fun with them!!!!!

Look who came to dinner!
Look who came to dinner!


Got Cattle Cubes?
Got Cattle Cubes?

Published by Dana Spring Parish

wife, mother, runner, artist, animal lover,photographer, art teacher

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