Green Acres Is The Place For Me!

  Our bedroom  has french doors that overlook a beautiful,  serene landscape with lush pastures filled with docile sheep and goats grazing quietly along side chubby ponies and sleek horses nickering to one another. It is so wonderful to wake up to the soft sounds of contented animals when the sun comes up. BUT….at midnight……NOT so much.

This morning was one of those days that made me want to go back to bed, preferably in a hotel far, far away, or better  yet an uninhabited island. (I KNOW what you’re thinkin’ Villa Rosa) Even Tom can not name every little wondrous creature that calls this place home, so I am going to give a cast of characters just to illustrate today’s events. 

KIRBY-female kitty -white with black spots (named after Dr. Dan Kirby )                                        NEGRITO-black and white male kitty

Bridgette-Boar goat (named after a favorite DJ)                                    Cactus Jack and Mesquite Joe-  young Longhorn  steers 

Kidd Rock- a pygmy goat (named after another awesome DJ)                                       Miss Piggy- a so called MICRO-MINI pot-bellied pig                                             

Bailey- Welsh pony   (bay with socks and a blaze)                                                                                     Okie- Pomeranian (black and white)

Noche – Sheltie (tri-color)                                                                                  Francie – beautiful bay Arabian mare

Sky-Australian Shepherd (blue merle)                                                                            

  OK I exaggerated  about the serenity of the pastures, but that is what I was dreaming about this morning when I heard an ear splitting banging noise  in the back forty that was the all too familiar pawing of Bailey  with his hooves against the metal feeder looking for the last morsel of sweet feed that may have dropped between the cracks. He finally gave up and just before we drifted back to sleep, we hear  banging on the metal outside our bedroom. “Damn goats” We both assumed that they were banging their horns against the side of the house when they scratched, but flashlight in hand I could see them laying next to Francie by the barn, sharing her blanket. This time  the racket  was coming from Miss Piggy  rooting out a snuggly place in the sand where the heat from the house would keep her warm through the night…The kitchen was closed by then, but the weather was freezing so I tossed her a peanut butter sandwich. Thank you “Uncrustable” people! I stumbled back into the bedroom and  found  a bare spot on the bed with Okie and Spooky next to my feet and Sky had stretched out next to Tom. Kirby was taking a bite of her food that was on the bedside table safe from the dogs and  I gave her a little massage as she curled up next to me. Her purring lulled me back to sleep for maybe 30 minutes. We had our next rude awakening when Sky jumped over us and splashed through the water bowl by the bed. This got all the dogs barking and I could see that  Bridgette had pushed the door open and was sticking her head inside. The door would not stay closed, so I wedged a towel in the door frame and threw another one on the floor. Kirby was swishing her tail in my face like she does when she wants a back rub, I tried that but she wasn’t purring. I could see her face in the half light and just when I thought about putting her on the floor, she threw up on my pillow…..That did it!  Maybe I could take a nap later. I got up and checked my e-mail and decided to post this blog. 

   I let the dogs out so that hopefully Tom could get a few hours of sleep, but they were on a rampage barking and chasing who knows what. Probably Kidd Rock who likes to sneak into the yard to torment them. Jack and Joe were thinking it was time for breakfast and they started mooing….but it seemed so LOUD at this time of the morning! I looked out into the pasture which had been empty of cattle for months, but of-course, here were my neighbor’s cattle trotting around in the darkness and edging up to the fence line to meet Jack and Joe for the first time. By now it was light enough for me to see their bull pawing and being Mr. Macho while our guys tried to do the same. Being new to the cattle business with my herd of two steers, I wasn’t sure if they would tear down the fence or what would happen next. I filled a bucket with cubes and thankfully Jack and Joe were more interested in food. Relieved, I came back to the computer and so far it looks like it’s going to be an awesome day!



  1. Great blog!!!! I didn’t know you had a cat named Kirby! Didn’t know you were one of the hundreds.

  2. This is Daddy Bub’s Kirby that Dan Kirby gave him… she is special and KNOWS it!

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