2008 Sacred Heart Wine Cheese & Art Festival


BJ Sonia and Dana
BJ Sonia and Dana

In January of 2008 the 3rd annual Wine Cheese and Art Festival was held at the Wilson County Show Barn in Floresville. Tom and I made some new friends  and it was great to talk to the people who bid on the artwork that we donated to the auction and see that they will really cherish their paintings especially because the proceeds are going to such a great cause. One darling Priest bought my “Golden Eagle” giclee to hang in the halls of the parochial school where he teaches in honor of their  team “The Eagles”. I was honored to sign it for him as well as other paintings bought by super nice people that probably will not just cram their paintings into a closet……One of the greatest compliments I received was from a really cool young gentleman named Sammy who told me not to ever worry about anyone else’s opinion about the value of my art because some people do not recognize a Rolex when they see it. Our friend Sandy who owns Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard made reference to Andrew Wyeth in the same sentence as her  admiration of my art. This beautiful woman is an incredibly artist  and I can only dream of being able to take lessons from her at some point in our lives…..The truth is, actually…….that, Tom and my precious Mamacita Reet LOVE my art and for that reason, I am at peace with it all.


Baby Peyton Pawlik
Baby Peyton Pawlik


Published by Dana Spring Parish

wife, mother, runner, artist, animal lover,photographer, art teacher

6 thoughts on “2008 Sacred Heart Wine Cheese & Art Festival

  1. Greatnew pictures! And in one you are wearing glasses. I amsure they are reading glasses that you were along with your contacts!

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