What Ya Been Doin?

Our dogs four little faces greeted Tom, Peyton and I when we got back  from the Stock Show on Sunday. “Why were you gone soooo long, where were you and what did you do?” They all started sniffing my pants and didn’t hear me say  oh, nothing……Smells don’t lie and these nosey guys figured out that unbelievably  we had left them to see other dogs, horses,and the least forgivable was a quick visit to the petting zoo. “What could you possibly have seen in there that you don’t already have here at home?” They wondered. True, we saw sheep and goats,chickens and ducks,pigs and ponies. The only animal that we saw there that I doubt we will ever have here at the ranch was a kangaroo. Sky being an Australian Shepherd picked up on that scent right away. “You should have brought that one home, Mom, then I could really learn to jump!”  I don’t think so.  We have just enough crazy here to keep us happy.



  1. Thanks, REET! The good thing is while we were gone Miss Piggy slept in and didn’t even miss us. She woke up just in time for a late Sunday brunch!

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