The Power Of Pink

I hope I can type this without crying….but who cares I am home alone. Peyton is with Hannah banana and Tom is at the HEB awesome guy that he is. Anyway, this morning Tom and I ran the Power Of Pink 5 K race in Floresville. We attached a large sticker to our shirts that said “I am running in honor of Moye Hinkebein” and this is the part that gets me…..We love her so much and there were people in their 90’s and all ages there that were more than 19 year  survivors and everytime they said their name a pink balloon was released. They were walking and running and looking awesome and right before the race a girl with looooong beautiful hair said now I’m going to get my hair cut. They cut off her loooong pony tail and she cried because she was so happy to give her “locks of love”. I almost stepped up there and offered them my scraggly braid, but I didn’t but we ran and prayed for all the beautiful sweet people who put on this great event!



  1. We did great!!!!! No tropheys were given for the race but lots of good cold water

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