Mira La Misma Luna

Disculpa me, por favor….. pero…..My Spanish is a work in progress but mi esposo y yo comunicate con nada problemos and as he says so many times to the customers that speak Spanish at our photo  lab…”No te preocupas por que yo soy hombre muy sincero”This post will make no sense to anyone but us because we are SO far apart tonight and have been since Wednesday morning.One of the most important things that made me fall so deeply in love with him was his deep sense of familia and plus he works ten times harder than men half his age and always has. We Love Spanish music and now I finally understand the meaning of this passage that we  Have heard

“Mira la misma luna”   I hope I can load the awesome photo but anyway when I woke up my first morning away from Tom and saw the beautiful full moon outside our window here in Chicago I

Nosotros miramos la misma Luna

Nosotros miramos la misma Luna

 finally realized that Tom and I were seeing “La Misma Luna!!!” I can’t wait to see it again when we are together!!!


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