My Kind Of Town

We walked just about everywhere that we wanted to go. The weather in Chicago was especially nice over the week-end before Saint Patrick’s Day. Lots of the same stores that we have in San Antonio, but bigger, like Borders,Barnes & Noble and the Target on Roosevelt is two stories…. HUGE. We bought a broom and a dustbin and I am sure I looked like a bag lady carrying them  along Michigan Ave. That’s OK, better that than a tourist with a fanny pack. I even got stopped for directions a few times. Art Effect on Armitage in Lincoln Park is my favorite store. Very cute stuff . Their web-site is have lots of bird themed items.  I bought a silver owl keychain.I wish I had bought the owl wine stopper also……next trip, I will. 

It was freezing that day.....
It was freezing that day.....


The Opera and Giocos are located on South Wabash  right around the corner from  Christopher’s apartment on Michigan Ave.



RCP and Kevin
RCP and Kevin


The food was great! We had dinner at the Opera with Kevin one of Christopher’s best friends in Chicago from SMU. It seems that where ever we ate in Chicago we were served enough food for three meals. We had leftovers for two days from dinner at the Opera and Sunday brunch at Gioco which have the same owners. 


 Gioco has a great Sunday brunch. There omelets are really good, but so is their fettucini with bacon!!!  We had a great time visiting with the wonderful Thrall family. Jenn and her parents Jeff and Susie.  Jenn and Kevin are getting married in June. 

Omelet with asparagus
Omelet with asparagus
The fettucini was so yummy!!!!!!
The fettucini was so yummy!!!!!!

This pasta was enough for our table of seven to share  and we had it for dinner the next night. It was weird not having Miss Piggy and the goats to share leftovers with, but we managed ……

a little blurry we spotted this place thru the cab window
a little blurry we spotted this place thru the cab window

Aurelia’s has great pizza and salads, too……The phone number is (312)994-2000.

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5 thoughts on “My Kind Of Town

  1. I REALLY could chow down on an Aurelio’s pizza right now, but it would not taste nearly as good without RCP!!!!!!

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