Swining and Dining


We are taking all precautions to insure that Miss Piggy does not get exposed to the flu of any kind. We wash our hands and sterilize the plates before we fix her slop. We tried to get her to have a sip of red wine for the antioxidant properties of “resveratrol and the flavonoids” but she opted for a sandwich with organic peanut butter and grape jelly. We added some vitamins and flaxseeds and she is limiting the number of visitors until further notice….dinner

less chance of a Canine or Feline outbreak here, either. antioxidants



  1. I am so happy you are taking such good care of my favorite—-little Miss Piggy!!! Remember—you can always bring her here!!!!

  2. Where did you get that cute piggy carved out of wood????? I want it!!!!! (Just kidding!)

  3. The wooden piggy came from an antique store on Broadway……It is really cute!

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