Walk, Trot, LOPE

LOPE is an organization that was formed to help provide care and rehabilitation to race horses who have been injured or simply are not fast enough to compete. Anyone who has ever owned a horse knows how costly it is just for feed and routine health maintenance. A horse’s legs are delicate and can be severely injured just by a misstep frolicking in the pasture. The intensity of competing on the race track amplifies this risk tremendously. Think of Barbado and how hard his owners tried to save him. There are many like him that have uncertain futures, but their are people who are aware of this and are striving to help in amazing ways. You can find out more about LOPE by clicking here. There is a Horse Show to benefit LOPE on Saturday May 9th and an on-line  silent auction with great items going on right now. I have donated my Longhorns in Bluebonnets painting and bids will be accepted until 9pm Friday May 8th.




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