Chi Town

I am in Best Buy on Michigan Ave in Chicago, right outside the Westin hotel.Peyton is looking at video games and I am just playing with my new laptop! I love it! We had lunch with Christopher at this really great Italian Deli and he is taking a rest. He is off work for the day and will soon be getting ready for the rehearsal which is also right accross the street from the Westin. The wedding of Kevin and Jen will take place tomorrow at 5:00.

  I miss my dogs, cats, horses,goats, sheep,tortoise,ducks,pig, but not the scorpion that is smashed and flushed after hiding in my shoe to nail me on the toe.


1 Comment

  1. You got a laptop???? Wow! That’s great! All the perros are fine (but YERY LOUD!!!!!). I miss Miss Piggy so much.

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