Just Something Silly To Lighten Things Up A Bit

I love all animals, duh! Bugs, included, scorpions not so much, but I am more a dog and pony person rather than a cat in my face person. Tom especially could live without them, especially inside ones. But  anything that reminds us of Daddy Bub is gladly welcome in our house. In this case a really spoiled cat named Kirby. We brought her home last December and she fit in just great, litter box and all. To keep the dogs from stealing her food, I kept her bowl on the bed side table. She would reach up to get a bite several times a night until she realized it was much easier to wake me up so that I could put the bowl on the bed beside me and give her a massage while she ate. Just fine until we went out of town for a few days. Now she has to be on the pillow next to me or on me with her bowl next to her all night. Last night, I forgot about the bowl and tipped it into my face. Luckily I was able to scoop most of it back into her bowl without even waking Tom.



  1. You are so sweet…but you did wake me up, I just pretended to be asleep…

  2. Well, did we EVER really go to sleep with all the meow, meow, meows all night long even with her mouth full of food??? Two night in a row!

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