Miss Piggy

I’m not sure how old our Miss Piggy is in people years, but I think she must be a teenager around 15. She is still sweet and polite, but she is sporting a radical new hair style, a MOHAWK and I am wondering what comes next. I’ve read that even these innocent little pot-bellied pigs can transform into feral hogs in a matter of weeks! Has she met her dream Javelin while rooting around the fields? Will I see her with a family of marrinitos? No, I think she is happy to slop here at the Rockin’ P. Besides she would never give up  her treats from Grandmother……Mopiggy



  1. Miss Piggy is SO precious!!!! I would love a print of that picture of her with the Mohawk. And I have treats for her.

  2. She may need to hide out at your house during hog hunting season….I think it’s year ’round

  3. Can’t wait for her to get here! I’m cooking up a storm for her. (All kinds of sweets & goodies).

  4. She wants birthday cake on Sunday, ice cream cake and whipped cream

  5. Of course not! I will bake the cakes—–even the ice-cream cake!!!!!!

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