Mr. Piggy

Miss Piggy always wanted a friend, even a bucket or ball or any object that was her shape would hold her interest until it sadly rolled away. I’m sure she has forgotten that she is a pig. I was just making her yummy pancakes this morning when Eddie, one of Peyton’s best friends called. “It’s Eddie” Peyton said. “He wants to bring bacon over. They are on their way” How sweet, I thought, but why would he be bringing us breakfast. ” Remember, Mom, “Bacon” the pig that he asked you to keep “for a few days” until they can build a pen?” Oh, right. I went to feed Miss Piggy, there was nothing I could say to prepare her for this, but I needed to tell Tom and I wondered how many times he had heard the  line “just for a few days”. A little while later Eddie and his dad drove up pulling a short little trailer with an adorable squealing, large hog ready to bust through the sides. “Well we agreed to take this pig, but Eddie was expecting a cute little Babe or Wilbur” his dad confided. We opened the trailer not knowing if he would bolt for the hills, but he walked right into the barn and as they say in those sappy love stories………..right into my heart. Now after a welcoming treat of carrots and cream cheese coffee cake, I think that he loves me, too. If the name Bacon has any literal meaning, he will be staying here until pigs fly and I know just where to hide him if they start planning a luau.Bacon 2bacon



  1. WOW!!!!! Hope Miss Piggy doesn’t forget how much I love HER!!!! Mr. Bacon better be VERY nice to her!!!!!

  2. Bacon is a tall, dark and handsome not mini pig. He looks like Twiggy compared to Miss Piggy. They could have beautiful perfect babies if he stays more than “a Few days” The good news is that Eddie is a vegetarian!!!!

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