Leave It To BV

How would YOU feel if you were a girl who wanted to be a boy…..No not like that, OK delete that (and I probably will) I’m just saying that how would you feel if you had a brother that did everything better than you. They were always smarter, excelled at all sports, except football and were the one that all the kids wanted to be friends with since first grade? I remember running around the playground and all these chicks were calling his name and when I tried to tell them to back off they could not believe that it was my brother that they were drooling over. He is prettier than me and his three gorgeous daughters have those eyes and that perfect nose that I wish I had. They are strong and tuff and a family that nothing can tear apart.I  SWEAR  if anything or anyone ever tries to come between the love of this Papa and his girls, I will be there to say a prayer and we know that our prayers are always answered!


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