How To Lose A Pig In Ten Days

Starring Will Feral…….


mud,mud,mud....I love mud

mud,mud,mud....I love mud

The plan was for us to be pig sitting for a few days, but it took longer for our friend Eddie and his family to build a pen substantial enough to secure this guy. “Bacon” became very comfortable in the barn and he had it all to himself. I turned it into a piggy paradise, making sure that he had all his favorite treats and plenty of mud. Filling up his buckets of slop and cleaning out his wading pool became a work out I guess you could call Piglates. When it came time for him to go home, I put his food, water and toys in the trailer, but I think because it was obvious how much I loved hanging out with him, he figured I really didn’t want him to go. Eddie, his dad and I tried for hours on Saturday, with no luck. We discovered that if sufficiently poked and provoked, a domesticated pig can revert to a ferocious feral hog in a matter of minutes. Finally on Sunday, Tom was able to lure him into the trailer using a trail of waffles. These were the same waffles that I had tried, except that when I said go I really meant NO and when Tom said GO he really meant GO!!!!!



  1. I really do miss the little fella…but not the smell, just saying….

  2. Miss Piggy called me & said she doesn’t miss him at ALL!!!!! And she wants you to paint her picture to give to Dammaw—-right now!!!!!

  3. She is too busy to pose for me these days….Plus she charges a fortune for modeling fees…it’s worth it, but I am waiting til I win the lottery.

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