What The World Needs Now

We need so much, we lack so much as a country,  as a world. We need more  good people. How many have you met even once who did not manage to leave you with the impression that they are full of themselves and how about those that you have known even casually for many years?  I can hardly think of anyone who has not said a hurtful word, not meaning to, but just the fact that they talk SO much, it is inevitable that a tactless phrase should come spewing out. I am the world’s worst at this. It is unintentional and to control this is a work in progress. Sometimes it is best to just shut the hell up!

     I have known my brother-in-law Russell for over thirty years. He has always been in another city and in another state for the most part, but never have I heard a harsh or hateful word come from his mouth. Never a complaint or a bid for attention.  You could meet him once and see that he loves his family and cherishes his wife. He is completely at peace in his beautiful country  home and I doubt that he could wish for anything more. In good times and bad, I just think that this is rare to be able to name a person that impresses me this way. He is having serious health issues now and his character is as strong and  steady  as if  each day is just as wondrous as the next. The world needs more people like Russell Parish.

Russell and Tom Parish

Russell and Tom Parish



  1. How beautiful and how true your words are…thanks, I am forever grateful of your love

  2. and now Heaven has another perfect angel that has wings that no one can take away……….We love you, ‘mano para siempre

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