Paint By Number


I must have a million brushes. Some are almost worn out, but I never throw ANYTHING away. You can look in my closet (if you are brave enough) and see my collection of never once worn items. Then there is my collection of pencils which include charcoal, graphite, mechanical, every shade of pastel and watercolor. My favorite is a Staedler super fine point. My collection of erasers is in a drawer by itself. Peyton is taking an art class this semester and I offered him his pick of these prize possessions. He declined my offer. He has one wooden pencil with an eraser that went through the washing machine.

credit goes to
credit goes to

I had to google” pencil” to get a photo of this relic. My son is a no frills artist……..What he has done so far with his pencil rivals Van Gogh, Pollock and Picasso…..I am SO bad about my stuff that I almost forgot what were the primary colors. I have every shade of any color that you could imagine and feel the need to duplicate each hue in acrylic,egg tempera, goache, watercolor, pencils (see above),  oil (hmmm…..expensive, but SO YUMMY)and maybe encaustic wax in the future. Am I inspired? Yes, but I still can’t throw ANYTHING away!

It will be fine until I get into life size sculptures of all our animals, then we may have a problem…..

Published by Dana Spring Parish

wife, mother, runner, artist, animal lover,photographer, art teacher

One thought on “Paint By Number

  1. Dear Leicalady,
    Hope I spelled that right? I would like to link your page to my website for artists that inspire me.
    My website is a newcomer to the internet. I’m a mid-life Professional wanting to make more art. Google tagged your website about egg tempera that I’m really wanting to learn to do. Thanks to Google I got to see your studio and you at work. Maybe we’ll inpsire other artists to get busy and paint!
    Yours Truly,
    Melanie Richard

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