Talk To The Hoof

IMG_2588When Mini Mac was taking a rest, Fast Eddie finally had a chance to get a close look at his hooves without taking a chance of getting stepped on.IMG_2586He thought that they looked like little tortoises. Now they have something in common…….Say a prayer for Mini Mac, even with this drought, he is confined to a pen to lose a few pounds and is not too happy.



  1. love it…you should write a children’s book about the little boy artist with just one pencil that goes everywhere – in his pocket, in his bag, to school and through the wash….contrasted with his momma artist…who has rainbows and drawers and shelves of color….and they each create their own beautiful unique art…yep, definitely a story book here…i can see it…and you’ve got plenty of illustrators!

  2. Why does Mini Mac have to lose weight???? He looks fine to me! (& so does Miss Piggy!)

  3. I know they both look adorable, but Mini Mac is actually suffering from the heavy load. What’s good for pigs is harmful to fat ponies……don’t worry, but it is a BIG worry…..

  4. awww poor Mini Mac… yep you don’t want to founder a fat pony. I have some that I am going to have to keep an eye on, as they are way easy keepers!

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