What’s In The Box?

“Don’t look!” Peyton says as I climb into the Montero. Tom took the truck, so I had hauled out several loads of my essentials before we made the switch….two pairs of shoes, one jacket, sox, iPod, sunglasses,books, magazines, fiber bars, water bottles, and more, but there was a medium sized box in the back seat……hmmmmmm……”Mom, it says COSTUME and it’s addressed to Dad!” Peyton warns me as I longingly pull back the tape………but that would ruin my whole month if I even took a peak! Every year we surprise each other and every year, Tom says “Well not this year, I don’t have a costume…. and then he comes out with some elaborate made for Hollywood masterpiece while I dash into Walmart at the last second, find a 15.00 last year closeout and change in the parking lot. The security cops look forward to it every Halloween. I am probably on the People of Walmart web-site. We sometimes do not recognize each other at first…….even his voice and personality changes to go with the character that he is portraying. I think my favorite was the French artist…..So this year we are looking forward to Grandmother’s annual Birthday/Halloween bash and all I know is that my better half will not be a Cowboy, Hippie, Sultan or Picasso. I’m thinking Balloon Boy, but the box was much too small…..can’t wait!



  1. his costume was the most outrageous thing i have seen in awhile, send it to chicago or im gonnna have to be a hipster

    • He got the lucky with my wig from 2 years ago and my riding helmet worn backwards and the NEW TESTAMENT instead of a Torah!!!!! Talk about improvise! He is a genius!

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