Chino Poblano

Chino PoblanoMy costume for my Mom’s annual Birthday/Halloween party is called “Chino Poblano” but the skirt is too tight so I felt more like a Chile Relleño (stuffed pepper) after the dinner of salmon stuffed with crab and all the other food. The party was great fun. Lots of great presents.Beuties and the BeastsTracy provided the Security, Rabbi Tom said the blessing. Peyton and Hannah represented different denominations in their Steampunk and Vampire costumes. Taylor was the muscle and Caitlin was gorgeous as a Princess. Robinhood of Sharonwood Forrest looked dashingly beautiful and kept the  party crashers away with her bow & arrow. We really missed Shana, BV and the twins, Tina & Dena!!!!!Rabbi TomThe Rabbi was missing part of his get up but was luckily able to improvise with my old riding helmet and last year’s wig. I recommend Gibson’s Costume Shop in the future…..Keep it local! See other Halloween’s of the Past by clicking here .



  1. Would you like to sell your Chino Poblano costune (the one you wore at the 2009 Halloween party). Thanks, Lise

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