Hello Kitty

This weather has made all the animals act a little silly. The horses are running around and expecting extra sweet feed every time they see me. With our cats, they don’t need an excuse to pounce on us when they see us and try to trip us if we make a detour instead of filling their four bowls. They are not so willing to run around, though and would rather snuggle up on their blanket and nap all day. Yesterday Smokey our oldest little gray kitty was caught off guard, probably sleepy. Sky flew over the fence and was able to catch her. Fur was flying, but Smoky was able to escape and climb up a tree, unfortunately, she lost hold and fell hard and didn’t land on her feet as usual. PLUNK that had to hurt! Sky went after her again, but I separated them and then Smoky disappeared. I looked for her all afternoon and had no idea what damage Sky and the fall from the tree had done. Happily Smokey was here for breakfast this morning and looks no worse for wear.  Another day in paradise……



    • If it didn’t have such a happy ending, I could not post it…..also right after that Spooky disappeared for about 20 minutes, but she came back!!!! I KNOW you’re glad to hear that!

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